What are the new features on Android 10

Android 10

On 22nd of august ,Google finally announced their next Android version Android 10, the naming tradition become fun part of the release each year externally too , like Android lollipop or Marshmallows (what are the new features on android 10 )

The build comes with the new logo and new fonts, the logo also changed from green to black , it is a small change but it is found that the the green was hard to read ,specially for those peoples who have visual impairments. there are also several many upgrades,and new features that come with Android 10

These are the Some of new features with Android 10

Foldable devices

Samsung Galaxy Fold,Xiaomi Dual Flex , these are the some foldable devices in the market , Android 10 offers support to devlopers to develop apps specially for such devices ,even having different folding system

Location permissions

New permission give more control to users over app access to device location , user can tweak location permissions in such a way that an app can access your location only when the app being in used.

Dark mode

Android 10 give access you to change your phones theme to to ‘Dark’ both in ui and apps system,dark mode also helps with phones battery life as it required less power

QR Code verification

Now you not required any password to connect to wifi any more ,QR code is sufficient, the new system helps you to createyou QR code that others can use to acess you wifi/.


Bubble are notifications ,thet will now pop on your screen ,even when you are using other applications. These features are designed for multitasking ,but the features also turned off if you dont like it

Setting Panels

If you want phone settings ,now you might not have to open different pages setting panel gives you access phone settings that are contextual to the app that you currently have open.

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